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Top 3 Songs To Listen To When Gambling Online

March 19, 2016 | 7 Comments

Music affects perceptions, behaviour, induces relaxation and/or modifies psychological arousal of a person. In the case of gambling, it has been observed that faster music induces more positive judgments as well as evokes happy feelings. On the other hand, slower tunes or a lack of music tend to make gamblers uneasy. They are seen to perceive the game to be boring. When it comes to online gambling, all casinos do not provide background music. Therefore, as a casino gamer you can choose and play a couple of songs so that you get into the right frame of mind when gambling online. Here are the top three songs you can listen to when gambling online:

#1: The Gambler The song 'The Gambler', written by Don Schlitz, was sung by Kenny Rogers. The song narrates a story in in the first-person perspective, a conversation that the narrator had with an old poker player on a train. The old man, a card games shark, gives the narrator life advice using poker metaphors. However, he dies in his sleep. The song has been instrumental in spawning the poker catchphrase - Know when to hold them, know when to fold them. During the World Cup, this song was the official anthem of the England Rugby Team.

#2: Three Card Trick In "The Card Cheat", by far the best track on the luminous 1979 album of Clash called 'London Calling', Mick Jones makes an effort to spin an extended metaphor on the twilight of the British empire. It is a majestic elegy on a kingdom that is in the process of declining. The subject of the song is a crooked poker player who is seized, forced to kneel on his knees and is then shot dead. Though the lyrics do not mention anything directly about gambling, the song compares life to gambling, especially to card games.

#3: Poker Face Lady Gaga's song Poker Face from 'The Fame', her debut studio album released in 2008, may not mention anything about the game of poker and may deal with the subject of romance. However, the song, a UK billboard hit, has the ability to get you riled up for a game of poker. The catchy refrain - "Can't read my poker face" - could even psych you up for a win. The new generation guys and gals would have definitely heard this song, which actually is one of the most popular gambling songs. In fact, Lady Gaga herself has said that the main idea behind Poker Face is sex and gambling.

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